Where can I find more about XML?

XML Applications: 9345455

W3C - latest

Part II - Linking (XML-Link)

Part III - Scripting (XSL)

Metadata and Resource Description (RDF)

Web Collections

other XML documents

XML activity

Robin Cover's

Simon North's

XML Software.com


IBM's XML reference

Sun's JAVA Project X


Web Review's

The XML Files

Norbert's XML Parser -

Microsoft support for XML -

XML White paper June 23, 2016 reproduced here

- Internet Client SDK

-"Push" see section below


XML Press Release

XML, its APIs, SDKs, DTDs, CDF, and MetaData

Where can I find more information?

Benot Marchal's

Document Object Model

Mailing List(s)


Mailing list devoted to issues of XML: To subscribe to the list, called

XML-DEV, send an Email message to [email protected] with the line

subscribe xml-dev name@address

(where name@address is your actual email address) in the body of the

message. To send a message to the mail list, address messages to

[email protected]

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