Where can I find more about XML/EDI?

The latest information about XML/EDI is contained in:

"Guidelines for using XML for Electronic Data Interchange"

Executive Overview - E-business framework

Six Pack - 6 Important Reasons To Consider XML/EDI

Introducing XML/EDI "the E-business framework" (In Deutsch)

CEN /ISSS XML/EDI Project - Document List 99

Suli Ding's -DOC2XML

full text of article in Electronic Markets Journal

Report on XML/EDI Perspectives "Key Note Presentation" PC Week, Japan, (In Japanese)

Ftp download of XML/EDI Perspectives PowerPoint presentation, Tokyo, Japan, Dec '98

Power Presentation - an executive PowerPoint slide show on XML/EDI by David Webber

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about XML/EDI

An Email from an EDI Purist

Martin Bryan's 'Using XML for Electronic Commerce'

David Webber's 'BOO!!! ARE WE ALL HISTORY???'

Bruce Peat's 'Advantage's of an EDI application for XML'


The EDIDOC project

US "Framework for Global Electronic Commerce"

US "Toshiba Japan - Japanese XML/edi Resource Pages"

XML/EDI Focus Teams

Other options....

Alternate Approaches to XML/EDI

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