The XML/EDI Group is comprised of individuals from the following companies...

  eProcess Solutions ˇ Gnosis ˇ The SGML Centre ˇ Pineapplesoft ˇ Synergetics ˇ Logical Events Limited ˇ Inso Corporation ˇ POET Software ˇ huisarts ˇ The Word Electric ˇ AT&T ˇ DataChannel ˇ Richard Light Consultancy ˇ stratEDI GmbH, D-58332 Schwelm, Germany ˇ Crane Softwrights Ltd. ˇ Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. ˇ Inforium ˇ Inso EPS (Electronic Publishing Solutions) ˇ BC Gas Utility ˇ Cadmus Journal Services ˇ CNgroup ˇ WorldPoint Interactive ˇ Forbo UK Limited ˇ Sueddeutsche Zeitung ˇ 4M Enterprises, Inc. ˇ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) ˇ University of Maribor ˇ CNgroup ˇ Concurrent Technologies Corporation ˇ DNS Worldwide ˇ Motorola ˇ University of Karlsruhe ˇ Database Development & Support ˇ GE Aircraft Engines ˇ Kinetoscope, Inc. ˇ Lockheed Martin Energy Research ˇ Meredith Software ˇ Open Text Corp ˇ Oracle Corporation ˇ WOT ˇ Chrystal Software ˇ Samsung SDS ˇ Sprint ˇ A B Infosys Private Limited ˇ Andersen Consulting ˇ CAP Ventures, Inc. ˇ CrossRoute Software ˇ IFS ˇ IMERGE Consulting ˇ Innovation Business Services ˇ National Informatics Centre (NIC) ˇ Sea-Land Service, Inc. ˇ Sierra Systems Consultants Inc ˇ ARIS ˇ ETC Electronic Trading Concepts P/L ˇ CoachInc ˇ etc AUTOMATION SYSTEMS ˇ Diversified Systems Resources ˇ Microstar Software Ltd. ˇ Stynsberg Solutions ˇ DYNEC - Dynamic Elctronic Commerce ˇ Frontec AMT UK ˇ VIRTUAL'EX, Inc. ˇ webMethods, Inc. ˇ Chrystal Software ˇ EDI Solutions ˇ Health Network Ventures ˇ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) ˇ Perot Systems Corporation ˇ Bingham Associates ˇ Boeing Defense & Space Group ˇ Exemplar Systems Inc. ˇ Hitachi America Ltd ˇ Perot Systems Corporation ˇ PODOsoft Inc. ˇ Reliance Systems Pvt Ltd ˇ STILO Technology Ltd. ˇ Toshiba Advanced Ssystems Corpration ˇ PharMed Ltd ˇ Rachel Foerster & Associates ˇ The University of Melbourne ˇ QuadPOINT Technologies, Inc. ˇ Graphic Communications Association (GCA) ˇ SAIC ˇ EC Visions ˇ Nexgen Software Technologies, Inc. ˇ Synergetics ˇ FORESIGHT Corp. ˇ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) ˇ Richter Systems Development, Inc. ˇ Canadian National Railway ˇ Cleveland ECRC ˇ Concert ˇ ELEKOM Corporation ˇ EDMS Solutions ˇ Group Dynamic ˇ M3P Consulting Inc. ˇ National Health Enhancement Systems ˇ Control Data Systems, Inc. ˇ Infinium Software, Inc. ˇ Treasury Board Secretariat - Government of Canada ˇ CSK Software ˇ National Institutes of Health ˇ St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island ˇ Focus Technology Ltd (Print EDI Ltd) ˇ IBM Global Services, Network Services ˇ Pira International ˇ S.I.Abed & Associates, LLC ˇ SoftQuad Inc. ˇ Sterling Commerce, Inc. ˇ TechnoTeacher, Inc. ˇ Blue Platypus ˇ JMW Services Ky ˇ Chung Yuan Christian University ˇ Cerner Corporation ˇ Harbinger Corporation ˇ Redix International Inc. ˇ Richter Systems International ˇ Financial Neural Computing - FNC Inc. ˇ GE Corporate Research ˇ The APL Group, Inc. ˇ Trinary System Inc. ˇ Archintel Electronic Data Interchange srl ˇ JHB Soft, Inc. ˇ AEON Solutions, Inc. ˇ CCC ˇ Hazelton Computer Services ˇ EDI Systems Integration Company ˇ SysTrends, Inc. & Arizona EC/EDI Roundtable ˇ 3M Health Information Systems ˇ AT&T EasyCommerce Network ˇ BIC/EDItEUR ˇ Harbinger Corporation ˇ Kleinschmidt Inc ˇ Voice Link Limited ˇ SUNY at Stony Brook ˇ Kwangwoon University ˇ TELES AG ˇ RoDeBo, Inc. ˇ Access Systems Pty. Limited ˇ Harbinger Corporation ˇ DTS Communications ˇ Enator ˇ The APL Group, Inc. ˇ Communications Planning Limited ˇ News Printing Company, Inc. ˇ GE Information Services (GEIS) ˇ InfoZen, Inc. ˇ BP Chemicals ˇ Mecom GMBH ˇ Advanced Technology Center ˇ finetuning.com ˇ C&S System Solutions ˇ Electronic Point of Care Ltd ˇ Trade-Van ˇ Hewlett-Packard ˇ Datahealth Limited ˇ National Informatics Centre (NIC) ˇ Air Products and Chemicals, Inc ˇ E-Commerce Specialist ˇ UWI.Com - The Internet Forms Company ˇ Ecosystems ˇ GE Information Services (GEIS) ˇ UNIBOL LTD ˇ Korea Long Term Bank Credit Company ˇ NC.Focus ˇ Royal Dutch Medical Association ˇ Quantum - LTD ˇ HYNET Technologies ˇ Formotion Limited ˇ Thomson Technology Services Group ˇ Sirio Soft Ltda. ˇ Airnext Communications ˇ ARM Computer Techniques Inc. ˇ Cybes Communications Corp. ˇ Daewoo Motor Company Ltd. (Worthing Technical Cent ˇ Day Eight Creations ˇ DTS Communications ˇ Freddie Mac ˇ IBM Canada Ltd. (Global Services / EC) ˇ Infrastructures for Information Inc. ˇ Advanced Information Systems S.A. ˇ QuadraMed Corp. ˇ SRC Software bv - E-DIVISION ˇ Telenor InfoMedica ˇ Morgan Stanley ˇ Netcentives, Inc. ˇ Frank Russell Company ˇ Clinnet Solutions ˇ Mt. Hood Interactive ˇ Computer Sciences Corporation - Benelux Division ˇ Concurrent Technologies Corporation ˇ INTERSHOP Communications Inc. ˇ Mead & Company ˇ The SGML Technologies Group ˇ Hewlett-Packard ˇ Techno2000 Project, Inc. ˇ ECRC ( Orange Electronic Commerce Resource Ctr.) ˇ IBM PC Co. ˇ Sun Microsystems ˇ Intellectual Protocols, LLC ˇ Motorola CIG Info Mgmnt & Translations ˇ Analysts International Corporation ˇ Time0 Group, Perot Systems Corporation ˇ XYZ ˇ Intel ˇ REALOGIC, Inc. ˇ MIT Media Laboratory ˇ Infotech (NSW) Pty Ltd ˇ JetForm Corporation ˇ MCI ˇ Univ. of Tenn/Ctr for Industrial Services ˇ Vignette Corporation ˇ ACS-Advanced Communications Systems ˇ Korn/Ferry International ˇ FINTEL ˇ Hinda Incentives ˇ Digit Software ˇ Coopers & Lybrand LLP ˇ PhyMatrix ˇ American Re-Insurance ˇ DHL Worldwide Express ˇ VeriFone ˇ Future Three, Inc. ˇ Cadmus Journal Services ˇ CIRANO, University of Montreal ˇ Iway Technologies ˇ Data Systems Austria AG ˇ Innovision Corporation ˇ Intersis Xchange ˇ Enron ˇ POET Software ˇ Virtual Mortgage Network, Inc. ˇ Cornerstone Appraisal Company ˇ Edinburgh Business School ˇ Sun Microsystems ˇ CADO Systems, Inc. ˇ Realtime Anywhere Ltd. RTA ˇ RTIS ˇ Synopsys Inc ˇ United States Pharmacopeia ˇ KPN Telecom NV ˇ Tier Technology ˇ West Chester Electronic Commerce Resource Center ˇ The Planning Solutions Group, Inc. ˇ Dynamic Software, Inc. ˇ The Consumer's Choice Network ˇ Concurrent Technologies Corporation ˇ Chunghwa Telecom (data comm.business group) ˇ Tiburon Consulting Group ˇ Berenschot ˇ International University of Japan (IUJ) ˇ Fischer & Lorenz ˇ Harbour Management Systems LLC ˇ Computer Data Systems, Inc. (CDSI) ˇ Coopers & Lybrand LLP ˇ EDIFECS Corporation ˇ Meduse International ˇ Mitretek Systems, Inc. ˇ CyberCash India Pvt Ltd ˇ IBM T. J. Watson Research Center ˇ Reuters Limited ˇ Volt Information Sciences, Inc. ˇ Clark, Rockoff and Associates ˇ IBM Corporation ˇ Chrystal Software, A Division of Xerox Corp ˇ Diversified Pharmaceutical Services ˇ GTE ˇ Deutsche Post AG - PostCom ˇ Hewlett-Packard ˇ Chinatrust Commercial Bank ˇ Datamatix ˇ edifrance ˇ IBM China Research Lab ˇ ISO/CS ˇ EDGE Technologies, Inc. ˇ MISK ˇ AT&T ˇ Control Data Systems, Inc. ˇ Kwangwoon University ˇ pcOrder.com ˇ Federated Capital Services ˇ FirstFloor Software ˇ INOBIZ ˇ Defense Industrial Supply Center ˇ FirstFloor Software ˇ Simon & Schuster ˇ TIR/Dallas ECRC ˇ Bizserve ˇ Newbridge Networks ˇ Sierra Systems Consultants Inc ˇ SES Software Inc ˇ Terra Incognita ˇ Computer Science, Old Dominion University ˇ SGML Forum of NY, Inc. ˇ Spinks EDI/EC Engineering ˇ WM-data AB ˇ A. B. Infosystems ˇ ACCTON Technology Co. ˇ Compuware ˇ Imagine Technologies ˇ Internet Commerce World ˇ Davros Computer Systems ˇ Ovum Ltd ˇ RAS Group ˇ Stone Associates ˇ Green Tree Financial Corp. ˇ United States Postal Service ˇ Accounts II Software ˇ Coopers & Lybrand LLP ˇ Rock Digital Technology Corporation ˇ Sterling Commerce, Inc. ˇ Wyeth-Ayerst ˇ ChannelPoint, Inc. ˇ Systematic Software Engineering A/S ˇ WM-data AB ˇ NETLEADER, Inc. ˇ FirstFloor Software ˇ Novabase ˇ The MITRE Corporation ˇ WM-data AB ˇ de Bloois Horeca & Party Service ˇ ANA UK Ltd ˇ Anjes Information Systems ˇ Dan Net A/S ˇ AMG, Inc. ˇ InfoCom Services, Inc. ˇ Intuit Inc. ˇ Mind Consulting ˇ Singapore Telecom Ltd ˇ Oracle Corporation ˇ West Group ˇ EC Center, Daniels College of Business, University ˇ SRA International, Inc. ˇ Xnet Communications ˇ Information Builders Inc. ˇ NextStep Technologies, Inc. ˇ Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) ˇ AcrossWorld Communications, Inc. ˇ CompuDesign & Associates, Inc. ˇ Softshare ˇ The Institute of Japanese Scientists and Engineers ˇ CSX Technology ˇ Effective Business Applications ˇ ETRI ˇ Ordiplan Inc. ˇ Fischer & Lorenz ˇ Hemophilia Health Services ˇ Central Console & Control, Inc. ˇ Compaq ˇ ARINC, Inc. ˇ CyberFore Inc. ˇ Optimation New Zealand Limited ˇ KPMG ˇ AgileCommerce Inc. ˇ Concurrent Technologies Corporation ˇ IHS Enterprises ˇ Inforonics, Inc. ˇ Utility Partners Inc. ˇ Lockheed Martin Corp. ˇ Web Pipeline, Inc. ˇ GE Information Services (GEIS) ˇ Synapsis, LLC ˇ debis Systemhaus GEI ˇ Gerke & Associates, Inc. ˇ Intuit Inc. ˇ Whittman-Hart, Inc. ˇ Dynamicweb Enterprises, Inc. ˇ Sequoia Software Corporation ˇ PerCentage Corporation ˇ ManTech Advanced Systems International, Inc. ˇ SINTEF Telecom and Informatics ˇ Intellimedia Commerce, Inc. ˇ Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University ˇ Netscape Communications ˇ SRA International, Inc. ˇ Aero Data Systems ˇ Sterling Commerce, Inc. ˇ LG-EDS SYSTEM ˇ ChemConnect, Inc. ˇ Coles Myer Limited ˇ Digital Commerce Ltd. ˇ LM / Enterprise Information Systems (SE&P/CTO) ˇ Nichols Research Corporation ˇ SAIC ˇ EDI Sciences, Inc. ˇ Korea EDI/EC Board ˇ Lockheed Martin Corp. ˇ Strathclyde University ˇ Alpha Electronic Commerce Group ˇ Boeing CAG - EDI Systems ˇ InterMarket Associates ˇ Morgan Stanley ˇ TeleSynthesis ˇ Dione plc ˇ Gartner Group ˇ Hugvit hf, Iceland ˇ Digital Satellite Source ˇ Edifice Technologies ˇ Deloitte Touche Consulting ˇ Instill Corporation ˇ Harbinger Corporation ˇ TIR ˇ Ajilon ˇ Electronic Commerce Association ˇ ETA Internet Solutions ˇ InfoType Single Source Solutions, Inc. ˇ MTMC ˇ Duke University ˇ EDIMatrix Ltd ˇ NIST ˇ Commerce One ˇ Dayton Electronic Commerce Resource Center ˇ DTS Communications ˇ IsoQuest, Inc. ˇ Nihon Unisys, Ltd. ˇ EScape ˇ ManTech Advanced Systems International, Inc. ˇ CARL Corporation ˇ EDV-Beratung Selchow ˇ Insurance Services Office, Inc. ˇ Network Computing Lab. ˇ University of Karlsruhe ˇ DoD, Ofc. of the Secretary of Defense ˇ GE Information Services (GEIS) ˇ New Orleans EC Resource Center (ECRC) ˇ QAD, Inc. ˇ Steven Frechette ˇ AccuSort Systems, Inc. ˇ EasyMail S.A. - AT&T Networked Commerce Services ˇ Management Systems Consulting, Inc. ˇ The APL Group, Inc. ˇ Lara Consulting Group ˇ ManTech Advanced Systems International, Inc. ˇ Peter S. Franklin MD, Inc. ˇ POET Software ˇ University of Pennsylvania ˇ Mobius Consulting Group ˇ ClinNet Solutions ˇ InTeCo GmbH ˇ IT-Department of Ministry of Finance - Poland ˇ Anjes ˇ Fairmarket, Inc. ˇ Net Twenty-One Inc ˇ Oracle Corporation ˇ AEON Solutions, Inc. ˇ Electronic Point of Care Ltd ˇ Origin Deutschland GmbH ˇ EDIson Inc. ˇ Information Architects ˇ CommerceQuest ˇ IBM Corporation ˇ EDI-TIE - The Netherlands ˇ Interpath Communications, TriNet Services Division ˇ ANADIGICS, Inc. ˇ C1 ˇ Infotech Consulting ˇ Rogare Scope International ˇ Whittman-Hart ˇ AMR Research ˇ A.B.Infosys. P. Ltd ˇ Future Three Corp. ˇ Simon and Schuster ˇ Software AG ˇ Oy EDI Management Finland Ltd ˇ NISSAN-USA ˇ MeCom GmbH ˇ Compaq ˇ Philips Semiconductors bv ˇ Poet Software ˇ IBM Worldwide Distribution ˇ Netproject ˇ COFACE ˇ VISER Systemintegration ˇ Arrow International, Inc. ˇ Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung ˇ GMD-IPSI ˇ SYSECA GmbH ˇ Decision Dynamics. Inc ˇ Tokiwa Information Co,. Ltd. ˇ iTrust ˇ KangNam University ˇ Ordiplan Inc. ˇ HMS, Inc ˇ Power & Telephone Supply Company ˇ Wipro Infotech Enterprise Solutions ˇ Microsoft Corporation ˇ Information Anywhere Corp. ˇ DP IRAN CO. ˇ Ecosystems ˇ Intos IT solutions & consulting ˇ KTQ Consulting Limited ˇ DSTC ˇ Staffware ˇ Sterling Commerce, Inc. ˇ Pricewaterhouse Coopers ˇ Softshare ˇ TSAI ˇ Microstar Software Ltd. ˇ WM-data Printcard AB ˇ systemme INFORMATICA ˇ West Chester ECRC ˇ Cruzcom Systems ˇ SAP Labs, Inc. ˇ Bremerton ECRC ˇ France Telecom ˇ Partners Healthcare Systems ˇ UNITEDBOARDS.COM ˇ Bremerton ECRC ˇ Chrystal Software Inc ˇ Clarify ˇ COMPAREX Sistemas Informáticos ˇ ConnexT ˇ Helsinki University of Technology ˇ Motorola Semiconductor ˇ Russell & Partners ˇ S2 Systems, Inc. ˇ Sterling Commerce ˇ UDEF_Solutions, Inc. ˇ Esprit Software Products ˇ Korea Trade Network ˇ Sphinx ˇ Wipro Infotech ˇ BVD ˇ Concurrent Technologies Corporation ˇ Global Carrier Technologies Inc. ˇ Logility, Inc. ˇ Nucleus Information Systems ˇ Telstra Corporation - Australia ˇ TSI Software ˇ API-EDI ˇ e-certify ˇ Melton Technologies, Inc. ˇ Metaforce Interactive ˇ Perot Systems ˇ TIBCO ˇ EDS ˇ NIST ˇ Telegan S.A. ˇ U. S. Census Bureau ˇ Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environmental ˇ Elly Schowalter, Inc. ˇ IBM ˇ Sapient Corporation ˇ SPHINX Software International Inc ˇ Blue Jarf bv ˇ Institut of Medical Informatics Giessen ˇ Financial Toolsmiths AB ˇ FTL Solutions Inc. ˇ Sound Software Ltd. ˇ Centre for Electronic Commerce and Communications ˇ Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group /ICS ˇ Lockheed Martin Mission Systems ˇ Lonergan Digital SARL ˇ SilverStream Software Inc. ˇ Clark Atlanta University ECRC ˇ Computer Sciences Corporation - CSC ˇ Frontec Norr AB ˇ John Fisher Associates ˇ Fortson and Company ˇ M.I.S.C. Inc. ˇ Merrill Corporation ˇ Miller SQA, Inc. ˇ C3L ˇ Elekom ˇ Follett Corporation ˇ KLB Credit Card Company ˇ TCS Enterprises, Inc. ˇ University of Denver ˇ Walling Consulting ˇ ADP Dealer Services ˇ AlphaCONNECT a division of Alpha Microsystems ˇ Global Trade Informatin Net ˇ Shepp & Associates, LLC ˇ SYMIX Systems, Inc. ˇ Dominion Digital, Inc. ˇ Incisive Analytics ˇ Webincome ˇ GE Information Services ˇ ABC Technologies ˇ Island Technology, Inc. ˇ Linguateq, Inc. ˇ Thoughtbubble Poduction ˇ Videotalk Int'l ˇ Avnet EMG ˇ ecVision Ltd ˇ Electric-Commerce ˇ Seeburger e-commerce GmbH&CoKG ˇ University of Toronto ˇ WM-data Teknikkonsult AB ˇ Adviesbureau BRAND Consultants ˇ Syncon ˇ PartNET, Inc. ˇ ASC Preaward Support Office ˇ C3L ˇ Dept. of Comp. Sci. & Eng., Tatung Inst. of Tech. ˇ NetSoup ˇ PriorityDigital.Com ˇ Scranton ECRC ˇ A Plus Computer Services ˇ ASSEM AUDI + CO GmbH ˇ Data Systems Austria ˇ Harbinger ˇ SoftCompass ˇ Commerce Technology, Inc ˇ ECP Electronic Commerce Partners GbR ˇ Textron Aerospace Fasteners ˇ The EC Company ˇ KPMG/Educational Finance Services ˇ Chaoyang University of Technology ˇ Korea EDI/EC Board ˇ Certusoft ˇ Health Care Financing Administration ˇ Celerity Technologies ˇ Fastenal ˇ Internet Commerce Corporation ˇ Uniband, Inc ˇ Sphinx Software Inc ˇ EXTOL, Inc ˇ SURAMERICANA Tensor Engineering ˇ PC HELP ˇ Danish Centre for Health Telematics ˇ Deutsche Post AG, GF PostCom ˇ and more  

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