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"My guess is that XML will have plenty of structural power for representing EDI, though there may for example be some datatyping which EDI would need." Tim Berners-Lee [editors note: also known as the inventor of the Web]

"At last, On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)have found a marriage broker!" Dept. Of Army, Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC)

"XML/EDI provides the 'best practice' way for companies to segue their EDI investment into Internet applications and cutting-edge development." IBM

"Creating tailorable instances of useful XML/EDI applications is a solid first step towards proving that XML technology truly adds value to business operations. A specialized and optimized development process, which emphasizes usage scenarios, accumulates practicable test cases, and engages subject matter experts for rapid and collaborative development, is the first step to that end." Lockheed Martin Corporation

"XML (Extensible Markup Language) lives up to its name: we really have no way of determining how far XML can be "extended". We can tell you however, that due to its SGML foundations, XML will be able to accommodate whatever complex data it is asked to handle." DataChannel

"At my last company, I spent 2 years working in the SGML world. Then we began operating an Electronic Commerce Resource Center (ECRC) promoting and training vendors on the use of EDI. Several years ago we brainstormed on how to combine SGML and EDI into a product we could market. We didn't get anywhere, but it is nice to know we weren't totally off base... I think the possibilities are endless." Concurrent Technologies Corp. (Johnstown ECRC)

"I am working with customers who are integrating EDI. I believe that capturing and managing transactions on forms instead of on-line allows standards to be applied for industries. Users are tired of learning a new set of screens to communicate with their partners. Integrated work flow will allow for intercompany process management. I am excited." IMERGE Consulting

"I think by bringing in the EDI translation function into the browsers will greatly help the propagation of EDI." National Informatics Centre

"I pursue s/w development using oo techniques. To me it seems very reasonable to present viewing architecture (XML) separate from the processing or document architecture (EDI). XML is to be viewed as a presentation technology for EDI over Internet" A B Infosys Private Limited

"Sounds like an excellent idea. I'd like to see the draft spec, but can't find it. Is it publicly available?" Chrystal Software (A Xerox company)

"We are developing software in Holland for general practitioners. The exchange of information is organized by EDI. Considering the W3 is the way to go and HTML not totally valid for this use. We looked at SGML. If XML/EDI claims are valid, we will go forward with XML." Microbais Automatisering bv

"I have been hearing some interest solving the challenges of EDI using autonomous code" Kinetoscope, Inc.

"I'm intrigued by the approach." Oracle Corporation

"Seems like the right idea. Should be linked to the standardization of agent communication by FIPA." Inst.f.Informatik, Univ. Leipzig + TELES AG

"The little that I know about it, it sounds interesting and related to my interests in building intelligent agents." Lockheed Martin Energy Research

"I was indeed considering the possibilities of using SGML as a tool for representing various types of messages used for EDI. Using a "meta language" to define many types of electronic documents is a quite natural approach. The structure for handling messages can be more controlled and simplified by using a unified way of representation. Moreover, by applying agent computing paradigm, we can even better represent the message handling system. Anyway, I am very glad to hear about this group and expect great stuff coming out of this group. At this point, I would like to put myself on the mailing list only. But, sooner or later, I might be able to join the group." Hyundai Information Technology, Co., Ltd.

"Interested in multilingual document exchange, web-distributed computing, various issues related to producing paper documents from web extracted or input data." Triassic

"We are already working on it. As Executive Director of the Information Access Portfolio for Commerce, we are conducting research projects to demonstrate building interoperable catalogs using XML and EDI transactions."CommerceNet

"Cool!" Motorola

"GRIF is keenly interested in developing applications to support XML/EDI." GRIF S.A.

"Good ideas--we're currently implementing XML processor and generator software in Java and saw that EDI was an obvious application." Vtopia, LLC

"I am very interested in the use of XML in the context of EDI. I hope XML/EDI will be a effective vehicle to drive synchronize XML with EDI." FUJITSU LIMITED

"We are very interested in EDI and its future." NTT-America

"I used to work for Trinary Systems, Inc (EDI*Windows) and I could see the end coming. It's about time there is a better way to integrate applications." 4M Enterprises, Inc.

"The idea of combining a human-readable document and a machine-readable data exchange into the same file is very appealing." ADP/Autosource

"I'm very interested about XML-activities in the EDI-subject/area!" Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Health Online Service Technology

"Am working on EDI(both EDIFACT and X12) so would be interested in what is going on in your group" Forbo UK Limited

"BC Gas is participating in a Canadian SGML EDI project focused on Nationally regulated companies. XML, prospectively, would be a great intranet publishing foundation for long lived corporate docs." BC Gas Utility

"I think the XML/EDI concept is on the right track, but I think the effort should be coordinated with other similar activities such as the Common Business Language (CBL) and Taxonomy of Everything (TOE) activities in CommerceNet." WorldPoint Interactive

"Potentially exciting way to make the Internet viable for EDI and electronic commerce in general" DCL Consulting

"It sounds exciting, I would like to hear more.. " Sundance Technologies

"I am very interested in the approach." Inso EPS

"Dynamite of course. Microstar specializes in XML/SGML and has done so for many years. Our ActiveSgml and AcitevXml(tm) technology is designed precisely for EC applications. It allows us to rapidly create and deploy ActiveX controls for electronic forms using our SGML design tool Near & Far Designer." Microstar Software Ltd.

"JetForm has long been interested in the formatting of information for output. Traditionally this has been a laser printed forms. Our customers however are interested in the full range of such information. XML would seem to offer many benefits in EDI and a number of other areas as well." JetForm Corporation

"I believe that XML/EDI really has a future. I now that "whatever comes, somebody always saw it coming" but I really had the same idea about a month ago,but I put it off for later on (I was too busy at that time to get into it). I wasn't aware of your effort at that time." Norbert H. Mikula

"I'm planning an XML Customer Care application and need to know more about XML/EDI. Seems to be on the right track." AT&T

"I have long argued that XML (well, SGML - XML wasn't around yet) was a great match with EDI and even had a demo of the concept about 4 years ago for the EDGAR Project. This came from my work with mobile distributed objects. If you want more of my opinions, read my papers :) http://cs.nyu.edu/phd_student/fuchs" Walt Disney Imagineering

"Excellent. Edifact out. SGML/XML-EDI in! ( I have dealings with HL7-SGML/XML for some time now)" Gerard Freriks

"This is a very interesting concept, and we at Harbinger would like to become involved in this project. We are always looking for the next generation application." Harbinger Corp.

"I am extremely interested in standards that exchange data in this way. How does this standard relate to MCF?" POET Software

"Seems logical, captain" Logical Events Ltd

"I just learned two days ago that there's an XML/EDI initiative -- I saw a press release come out on the wire. What have you been doing to notice your work with XML/EDI? I think you're right on target. In fact, our next release has several enhancements designed to support what we call the "transaction-oriented" SGML market (in contrast to the "document-oriented" market we primarily serve today). So we see that EDI fits extremely well with our tools." ArborText

"I fully agree that adopting XML for EDI is an excellent idea. We are studying this very seriously." Microsoft

"The JEDI project was a 1 year project set up to look at the possibility of document conversion. It ended over a year ago. The results were a little disappointing in that the world is still not ready for SGML/DSSSL and it now looks like XML will take over." Division of Learning Development De Montfort University

"Thank you, Bruce, for this post. It is invaluable for the group now beginning work on an XML/SGML standard for medical records [http://www.mcis.duke.edu/standards/HL7/committees/sgml]. The relevance lies in the (current) centrality of EDI in medical claims processing and the proposal to extend EDI or another messaging syntax to encompass clinical claims reporting in compliance with the 1999 Federal deadlines. We are just beginning what promises to be a protracted process of working with the federal government and the dominant standards writing orgs in healthcare, including X12N, to look at XML/SGML and your post is right on target, invaluable. " The Word Electric

"Sounds very promising!" Diversified Systems Resources

"XML must revolutional technologies for EDI" Toshiba Advanced Systems Corporation

"EDI is certainly within the design expectations for XML. Application of different styles is appropriate for database generation and for presentation user agents of various kinds, visual, or accessible to various alternative presentations such as text-to-speech or Braille." Bingham Associates

"I am a newbie, but believe that XML may be the presentation mechanism of choice for EDI transactions. I am initially joining the group to learn more, but ultimately provide input to the direction of this new technology." Health Network Ventures

"I had engaged in catalogs last year, and did some studies. Today, I'm engaged in the project which is concerned with entire EC architecture, but I still have great interest in potential of XML in EDI. It's my pleasure to participate in this group." Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

"I am leading a corporate team charged with identifying alternatives for EDI and projecting their availability. We are researching options from a business application perspective with an emphasis on Internet technologies for delivery. I need to understand to what extent XML/EDI could match our opportunities and in what timeframe. I look forward to participating in this group." Texaco

"I have studing EDI for the last 2 years and one of the problem of EDI is that it is too complex for the SME to comprehend. I have past the last 6 month developing new application for SME using TRAD-edi concept but I am open to try something else." Maestria Technologie

"It is very interesting." ARIS

"As a long time HL7 standards committee member, I have an interest in how healthcare organizations can exchange electronic messages and documents. XML/EDI sounds promising and I would like to become involved in the development of this standard and perhaps extend it to include HL7 messages." Exemplar Systems Inc.

"XML/EDI will provide companies an open way to exchange data. XML make EC as popular as HTML did to the WWW." Hitachi America Ltd

"My interest in XML is specifically geared to the use of standardized (EDI)as it can be extended to and used by small and mid-size companies. Specifically the results must enable them to use electronic means to conduct business relationships cost-effectively (e.g., with larger trading partners and end-consumers). If formatting standards for Electronic Commerce are to be successful in the long run, they must enable organizations of all sizes and technical competencies to use them at affordable costs and without steep learning curves." EC Visions

"Our company works with many manufacturing and distribution companies who have implemented traditional EDI, usually with very disappointing results. We are tracking both XML/EDI and Object EDI and expect that a convergence of those two directions will help make business-to-business electronic commerce more practical." Nexgen Software Technologies, Inc.

"This looks fantastic. I developed an SGML-based standard adopted by an industy consortium for interchanging data between customer support software vendors and customers. Now, as chief architect at Richter, I am looking to replicate that effort for Richter's MRP and POS software. I am glad to see there is a standards effort beginning that means a lot of wheel reinvention doesn't have to occur. Sign me up!" Richter Systems Development, Inc.

"This looks very promising. So many small businesses are being forced into the EDI market in order to conduct business with large orgs. Particularly in retail and the Federal government arenas. I spoke with a small business the other day who told me that it was going to cost him $5000 just to set up the required EDI system in order to sell to a major department store outlet and there was no promise of any future sales." Electronic Commerce Resource Center

"The use of Extended Markup Language in an EDI environment makes so much sense. The objective of on-line services is two-fold: reduce costs and improve services to the customer. The difficulty is in changing the people and the processes expecially in Government. CALS with SGML was overkill. XML is simplified SGML without the significant overhead. The market has embraced HTML and it is a small step to XML" M3P Consulting Inc.

"It seems that XML's momentum could revitalize EDI. Great potential." Infinium Software, Inc.

"This is a very interesting initiative and similar to efforts that have been undertaken in the Government of Canada to develop standard electronic forms. Our first pilot completed March 1996 demonstrated that SGML could be used to describe, encode and interchange government forms. The second pilot, included private sector e-forms vendors, concluded that the commercial software vendors could implement SGML in their product lines. However, to facilitate implementation the standardised electronic forms must be implemented using Internet technology. We also looked at the full information life cycle management needs in addition to transaction aspects." Treasury Board Secretariat - Government of Canada

"I work with significant clients in healthcare and am keen to monitor the XML progress as it applies in healthcare portable patient information - demographic, medical, Rx and emergency." S.I.Abed & Associates, LLC

"This will breath new life into EDI, and make Electronic Commerce a reality for many businesses. We are tracking the development of this very closely." DIGITAL Equipment Corporation

"We have developed a parsed form of EDI which reduces a mesage to a single level tagged data set arranged into documents and data groups within a document e.g. headers, lines, items and trailers. The data tag is a string of EDI segment identitiy codes and qualifiers and is much simpler to generate and manipulate than an EDI message. We have however developed software which will translate to/from the tagged data file to a range of EDI standards... It would therefore seem that we are well along the road to achieving your objectives which we totally endorse." Focus Technology Ltd.

"I've only worked with EDI in the last year, but can easily see the potential of XML/EDI to make EDI available to the masses. I hope for standardized Object Oriented interfaces to XML/EDI documents as well as standardized relational representation where it may be beneficial." Cima Information Technology

"A new way to the future of EDI" Interpares-Mobau

"I'm very excited to explore the possibilities of XML/EDI and its integration with our person-centric approach to health system informatics." Cerner Corporation

"We are looking at this as a very plausible next generation of the EDI/EC engines. This is a technology that will draw the attention of technology centers that are looking toward the future." St. Paul Software

"The low cost, openness, accessibility-with-security, creativity and dynamism of the Internet-Java-Firewall community if combined elegantly with the precision, business focus and procedures of the EDI world . . .WOW - it could be a powerful combination!" ElectricMail Ltd

"Key tool to simplify and aid the merger of global business processes." Riverland Inc.

"I find it intriguing that process integration and cost improvements can be achieved and/or improved by going back to data entry and human intervention via the Web as a replacement for improvements that can be made with application to application standards based EDI when properly implemented." EDI Systems Integration Company

"Yes, we do need combinations of Markup Languages and EDI standards. There are a lots of business models transforming the electronic media to physical letters and the other way round. Here, we have to use the synergy of describing document types and involving the pure information from EDIFACT or other EDI formats." Deutsche Post AG - PostCom

"The future of EDI" Interactive Information Systems

"At last, here seems a manageable yet powerful way to implement electronic commerce (in its widest sense) for the mass market." Access Systems Pty. Limited

"This appears to be a natural convergence of the base EDI work extended into the web with XML." DTS Communications

"The link between EDI and XML is an interesting combination. XML is the mechanism for the exchange and EDI defines what is to be exchange. XML is the missing link for EDI." News Printing Company, Inc.

"XML/EDI has the potential to bring structured interchange to a whole new level. This leverages existing investment in EDI and SGML to leapfrog to the state-of-the-art." InfoZen, Inc.

"XML/EDI can potentially enhance data interchange. If successful, it can provide metadata that will do away with the many difficulties faced by users of on-line data." Fulcrum Technologies Inc.

"The most important Internet standard since HTML." Ecosystems

"There is a looming shift in computing on the horizon, but it is not thin-client or network computing. It is a metadata revolution that will be lead by XML. XML will lead the way for thin-client computing to thrive!" NC.Focus

"Its the future...." Quantum - LTD

"As a newcomer to EC with a large experience as IT consultant I was asking for the future of Electronic Commerce. Now I have found the path." Sirio Soft Ltda.

"I think it's a great idea.." ARM Computer Techniques Inc.

"It has the potential to make 'smart agents' a reality." Cybes Communications Corp.

"XML is definately a step in solving the problem of cost effective EDI." Infrastructures for Information Inc.

"This could be BIG, really big! XML provides the means for EDI to finally work." Mt. Hood Interactive

"EDIFACT offers well specified directories of messages for Administration, Commerce and Transport. With their meta-language, SGML and its new little child XML, are very appropriate for defining custom data interchange messages. We believe the XML/EDI initiative, by combining the respective advantages of those standards, is going to make EDI more flexible and accessible." The SGML Technologies Group

"Combining EDI standards with the wide availability of the Web can provide the neccessary boost to the ecommerce revolution.  XML/EDI will become a cornerstone of ecommerce." En Pointe Technologies

"Rich, intelligent EDI of the future." Intel

"XML/EDI will introduce Electronic trading possibilities which were not possible previously due to the significant cost of implementing EDI solutions.  Also, it will provide the ability to seamlessly integrate WWW & EDI technologies, thereby enabling electronic services to be offered consistantly over a much wider range of EC options.  Also, development costs & timescales will be significantly reduced, consequently reducing our "time to market" for value added EC services." DHL Worldwide Express

"XML, with its structural rigor and domain-specific extensibility, will offer the fluid messaging needed to implement EDI business processes on the Internet.  XML will also prove to be a capable hub between different database schemas and message formats.  XML/EDI is a timely and relevant undertaking." VeriFone

"{XML/EDI is as} important to the future of EC as wire was to electricity." Future Three, Inc.

"Top level strategic paradigma." Data Systems Austria AG

"Interesting and obvious tie up with the potential to involve small businesses in electronic trading." Edinburgh Business School

"The web allows for the transfer of secure, authenticated documents with non-repudiation, using existing tools. These features are necessary for the envelope containing web EDI messages. What is missing is a web based standard for the message within the envelope, and that is what XML provides. Our work on the EDML standard for HTML based EDI is being extended to allow XML structures to be held at the server end and interfaced directly with HTML and a standard browser (see: http://www.anywhere.co.uk/edml.html)." RTA

"Healthcare had two distinct markets  hospital and ambulatory (doctors)... ...SCREAMING for a next-generation EDI answer.  We think it's XML/SGML." CADO Systems, Inc.

"The XML/EDI evolution looks like it is the best solution for conducting secure transactions over the Internet, both for the consumer and for the business-to-business market." The Consumer's Choice Network

"... the concept is well understood for acting with documents and not on documents." Tier Technology

"XML/EDI seems to be the point where all EDI developments (Open EDI, BSI, Lite EDI, Corba Common Business Objects, STEP) come together." Berenschot

"We believe in XML significance for EDI to such extent, that we are building it into our products..." Harbour Management Systems LLC

"...and what a market there is for XML/EDI." Proxicom, Inc.

"With the usage of XML, EDI will no longer be called as door-to-door EDI. It will be true application to application exchange." Computer Data Systems, Inc.

"EDI has been searching for a role since the advent of the Web. XML/EDI provides a clear context for harnessing the obvious need for inter-operable commerce solutions while building on the functional foundation of EDI." FirstFloor Software

"Very powerful, once implemented, an evolution in book ordering will take place, addressing the needs of non-EDI compliant customers." Simon & Schuster

"As an application developer, I am always happy to see standardized formats implemented. This open approach extends the life of current applications by allowing them to be easily morphed between platforms & technologies." Sterling Commerce, Inc.

"We are looking very closely at how XML can complement our Java based EDI solution." WebDI

"Implementing EDI standards through XML is a simpler way than ever. XML contains lots of potential to revolutionize this web." A. B. Infosystems

"Very exciting concept, that may finally take the binders off EDI and let EDI grow and expand where it should have." Compuware

"XML/EDI has a great potential to emerge in the internet industry." Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions

"XML: Bigger than Godzilla ... " TeleSynthesis

"XML/EDI coupled with a Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) is like 1+1+1 = 5" Lockheed Martin

"I believe that XML/EDI offers tremendous opportunities for our worldwide community of chemical and process industry professionals who are already beginning to use the Internet for sourcing material." ChemConnect, Inc.

"EDI needs a universal data format: XML." Aero Data Systems

"We are very interested in the synergy between X12 and XML for supporting our industry's various emerging e-commerce models." PerCentage Corporation

"An interessting approach that can help to develop a new way of information exchange." debis Systemhaus GEI

"Looks to be on target with where the market is heading..." Synapsis, LLC

"I believe that the XML/EDI technology will be the business solution for the next generation of information age." Central Console & Control, Inc.

"I hope we are moving towards a universal standard to share data and complete monetary exchange on the web." Brinker International

"XML/EDI framework has the potential to move electrify global business and it needs the support of those who think a global electronic community is needed for prosperity." AcrossWorld Communications, Inc.

"A very exciting concept which we would like to help turn into a practical reality." EC Center, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

"XML/EDI is an enabling technology that is going to greatly change business-to-business transaction model. Decade-old EDI constraint is about to be freed!" Anjes Information Systems

"XML/EDI has the potential of becoming the flexible, evolutionary link that will facilitate Electronic Commerce on a global scale." NETLEADER, Inc.

"We are currently using HL7 data sets, Microsoft's XML and XSL for EDI style transactions on health records." Sequoia Software Corporation

"XML/EDI leapfrogs the Open EDI and OO EDI efforts by embracing, rather than replacing, existing EDI standards. This is going to be hot!" Rock Digital Technology Corporation

"Very exciting concept, that may finally take the binders off EDI and let EDI grow and expand where it should have." Compuware

"Implementing EDI standards through XML is a simpler way than ever. XML contains lots of potential to revolutionize this web." A. B. Infosystems

"Very powerful, once implemented, an evolution in book ordering will take place, addressing the needs of non-EDI compliant customers." Simon & Schuster

"Having been involved in the SGML world for over a decade, it is so exciting to see the collaboration of the SGML/XML/EDI technologies and what great functionality they will offer together on a world-wide scale." InfoType Single Source Solutions, Inc.

Homepage: http://xmledi-group.org

XML/EDI Group Members Listing: http://xmledi-group.org/xmledigroup.htm