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XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a simplified subset of the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML, ISO 8879) which provides a file format for representing data, a schema for describing data structure, and a mechanism for extending and annotating HTML with semantic information.
+ EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) works by providing a collection of standard message formats and element dictionary in a simple way for businesses to exchange data via any electronic messaging service.
= XML/EDI provides a standard framework to exchange different types of data -- for example, an invoice, healthcare claim, project status -- so that the information be it in a transaction, exchanged via an Application Program Interface (API), web automation, database portal, catalog, a workflow document or message can be searched, decoded, manipulated, and displayed consistently and correctly by first implementing EDI dictionaries and extending our vocabulary via on-line repositories to include our business language, rules and objects. Thus by combining XML and EDI we create a new powerful paradigm different from XML or EDI!
  • Tagging Standard
  • Script Attachment
  • Transaction Validation
  • Search Techniques
  • Linking & Reference
  • Multimedia
  • Wide World Web
  • Authoring Tools
  • Business Language
  • Business Practices
  • Trading Partner Profile
  • Logging and Archiving
  • Acknowledgements
  • Application APIs
  • Transacton Expertise
  • Message Standards


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The XML/EDI Group, our Charter, and our current working focus:

Reviewing for standards body submittal, "Guidelines for using XML for Electronic Data Interchange", our work with CEN/ISSS' The European XML/EDI Pilot Project, and the "Global Repository Initiative"

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XML News

The buzz...

"A new Web-based markup language could give EDI the kick-start
it needs to reach millions of new users...
The combination of XML with EDI holds the promise of extending
the advantages of Web-based EDI through an open standard to the millions
of small- and medium-sized enterprises."
EDI News

"Business-to-business data exchange, such as enabling
your partners to import your price lists directly, will likely require
custom tags or even a new markup language specific to your business or industry...

It's not too early to start thinking about
what your markup language should look like....

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that XML will revolutionize the Web...
More complicated XML development efforts are on the drawing board, such as one using
XML for EDI (see XML/EDI Group Web site).
New tools also are starting
to show up."

"Document-centric commerce initiatives
like those of the XML/EDI Group, if successful, will give
applications developers and integrators new tools for building
new approaches to EDI that aren't possible today...
small to mid-sized companies that haven't been able to afford EDI systems
will be able to participate in electronic commerce activities."
CAP Ventures

"Two great standards that go great together: XML and EDI"

"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change."
Charles Darwin

"Combining the existing semantics of EDI within
an XML framework also makes possible large-scale automation
of electronic commerce."


"...the XML standard, the markup language is likely to be an important
part of the future of electronic commerce."

Telecommunications Reports International, Inc.

"For years EDI has promised to revolutionize the way businesses communicate
and exchange data with each other. With XML/EDI, this promise could finally
become a reality."
LAN Times

"XML becoming a much more essential part of general computing
--essentially forming the backbone for a kind of distributed
Internet file system."

"...an obscure design language called XML,
is about to transform cyberspace."


"The new Internet EDI..."

"Next Year's Top 25 Technologies...
Extensible Markup Language (XML) enables extensible data-exchange formats.
XML is Web-style Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)."


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