XML/EDI Perspectives.

ACM Fall Seminar, '98

This is the download menu for the XML/EDI ACM Seminar presentation.

Click on each item listed here, and save them all into a single sub-directory (recommend c:\acm-talk).

You will need approximately 15 Megabytes of total free disk space to download and expand the presentation.

7 Megabytes of this total free disk space is just to download all the files.

This presentation is in Microsoft Powerpoint format. You must have Office 97 or 98 Powerpoint or equivalent.

To unpack the files you will need a PKZIP compatible expander utility (see http://www.pkware.com).

Copyright © October, 1998, David RR Webber and The XML/EDI Group. All rights reserved.

This presentation that can be downloaded here may not be reproduced or distributed, nor used for any commercial purpose, in part or in whole, without consent and prior approval.


File Name:

File Size

acm-01.zip 1.56 Megabytes Part 1
acm-02.zip 1.55 Megabytes Part 2
acm-03.zip 1.05 Megabytes Part 3
acm-04.zip 376 Kbytes Ancillary Files




1 "Double click" on the downloaded ACM01.zip thru ACM04.zip files to open in PKUNZIP utility and expand each. Unpack the presentation in c:\acm-talk sub-directory
2 "Double click" on the downloaded ACMfall98a.ppt to open in Microsoft PowerPoint. Run the presentation, select 'View/Slideshow'.


To download the updated PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft.
If you do not have Office 97 installed on your PC download the latest viewer from Microsoft:

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