Bizcodes Presentation

This is the download menu for an audio-visual presentation about Bizcodes recorded in July '99.

You will need approximately 8 Megabtyes of total free disk space to download these files.

You will also need Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer (see below), and a compatible computer system.

Copyright © July, 1999, The XML/edi Group. All rights reserved.

These documents that can be downloaded here may not be reproduced or distributed, nor used for any commercial purpose, in part or in whole, without consent and prior approval.


File Name:

File Size

1.3 Megabytes Main slides for the Presentation.
6.3 Megabytes Audio track to go with presentation.







1 Either mouse "left click", or mouse "right click" the link to the two bizcodes.ZIP files to open or save it to your computer, or Tab to the link and press enter. The file is in Microsoft Powerpoint format. If you do not have a Powerpoint viewer, you can download a free viewer from Microsoft (see below).
2 Double click on each of the downloaded files to unpack them. All files should be in the same directory. (If you do not have a PKZIP utility installed, see below for link to obtain one). There are two files. The Bizcodes.PPT controls the others. Running the menu allows you to step through each presentation in turn.
3  To download PKZIP utility to UNPACK ZIP archive follow and then install as directed.  If you do not have a PKZIP utility, install shareware version from the PKWare's site.


To download the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer, follow and then install as directed.
If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint viewer installed on your PC download the latest viewer from



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